Tuna Can Shaker

Some version of  this could be done with pretty much any tin can, but a 3 inch ‘ABS test cap’ fit quite nicely for the tuna can I used. Okay, so what’s an ABS test cap? It’s a cap used in plumbing to temporarily seal an ABS drain pipe. You can get them at most any hardware store that sells plumbing supplies.

You could paint the can if you wished. This can is decorated using some ‘designer’ duct tape. You can get this kind of tape with various designs at office supply stores, hardware stores, etc. Just put a couple of strips across the bottom of the can and trim the edges with scissors, then the 2 inch tape works nicely when wrapped around the can and folded slightly over the lip at the opening.

Add a few tiny pebbles or beads to the can. Put the ABS cap on but don’t glue it yet. Hold the cap tightly on and shake to hear what it sounds like. Add or remove pebble or beads and repeat until you get a sound you like.

Drill a 1/2 whole in the center of the ABS cap. To decorate the ABS cap you can either paint it, or brush on a thin layer of clear polycrylic (a water based polyurethane) and sprinkle on some glitter.

Next glue the ABS cap onto the top of the tuna can and let it dry. I used super glue, but any similar strong adhesive should work.

Finally, cut a short piece of 1/2″ dowel for the handle. You can paint or stain it if you wish. Put a dab of glue on one end of the dowel, make sure stones or beads are to one side, and push it thru the whole in the center of the ABS cap until it firms up against the bottom of the can. Adjust the dowel so it isn’t leaning off to one side. Run a bead of glue around the edge of where the dowel meets the center of the ABS cap.

Let the glue dry and your done.

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