Scrapophone Racks

ComGroundCropped-1A scrapophone isn’t necessarily a static instrument like the tuna can shaker, or the washaker. Very often it will consist of a varying collection of items hung from some sort of ‘percussion rack’, that may or may not be made from repurposed materials.

The image to the left actually has two scrapophone racks. You can click the image to enlarge it to see a little better. I’m not quite sure where I obtained the blue one in the back, but I believe it is an old surveyor’s tripod. The legs are wood which I painted blue. It currently has a circular saw blade, a bicycle sprocket and sundry pipes hung from it.

The rack in the front is made of two legs from an old grand piano, with a short table leg turned upside down and attached to each piano leg. The cross bar is a piece of split two by four that was hanging out in my back yard. It currently has an old rake head and an old pick axe head hanging from it as well as a couple of ‘scrapobells’ mounted on top.

The split two by four is a good example of the importance of scrapophone safety. Just before I was about to pack it up for an event I was doing, when I happened to run my hand across it and picked up a small splinter…a reminder to sand it a bit.

As I look carefully at this image, I notice I’ve also used a microphone stand to hang a couple of pieces from.

More on scrapohone racks later.


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