Ephemeral Scrapophony

Here are some photos demonstrating the process of assembling a temporary scrapophone. rack-empty-9-22-12The first photo is the empty rack described in a previous post about scrapophone racks. You can click on the image to enlarge it, but as you will see, this scrapophone will have a completely different selection of items hung from it.

The next image gives us a bit of a reality check regarding all the stuff you end up having to carry around to set up a temporary scrapophone. And most of  this isn’t even the stufrack-stuff-9-22-12f that ended up being hung on the rack that day.

Finally, we see an image of the scrapophone rack with all the stuff hung on it…all the bells and whistles? Okay, no whistles on this one.

rack-full-9-22-12Going from left to right, we have an old bicycle gear with a random piece of pipe next to it. The two black and bronze bells are just that. They are a couple of school bells I salvaged from an old school that was being torn down near my home. Next to that, is a repurposed metal lamp shade that has a wonderful pure tone.

The are also a couple of small metal vessels attached to the top crossbar of the rack. In the background is an old air pressure tank that also has a delightful tone.

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